Wonderful Salerno

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The city lies on the Gulf of Salerno, Tyrrhenian Sea, where two incredibly beautiful lands cross each other: the Amalfi Coast and the Piana del Sele, which then connects you to the Cilento. This is why around Salerno you can find both one of the most famous Coast of Italy and also the inland mountains, with the highest pitch of Mount Stella (1131 meters ) rich in archaeological finds.

The climate is typical Mediterranean: the summer is long and hot and the winter is temperate and with few rains.

Thanks to a wise public administration, the City of Salerno has been completely renovated in the past few years: restoration of ancient monuments, opening of several parks, creation of new structures such as sport facilities and social spaces.


Among the most important environmental initiatives undertaken by the municipality, we can mention the creation of two community non-recyclable waste depots, where all citizens can deposit bulky waste such as old appliances, and separate refuse collection, the real reason for national pride given that the town of Salerno is the first in Italy in this field with a percentage stood at 74%.


Salerno has many attractions, one of them is the Old Town. In fact, all of the important places in the area are in the City centre: the cathedral, numerous churches, the Minerva Garden –the first botanical garden in Europe and home of the Salerno Medical School.

The Salerno Medical School is one of the city prides, founded by 4 men  –an Arab, a Jew, a Latin and a Greek – was the first institution for the teaching of Medicine in the Western world and was the place to be for those willing to become doctors. Thanks to this school, Salerno has obtained the title of Hippocratica civitas.


It is impossible to mention all the many sites of history and culture present in the Old Town, but it is remarkable how people have kept alive the traditions handed down over time, due to the presence of local shops and places where to gather and experience the old musical and cultural tradition. It is one of the highlights of Salerno.

The Old Town is also the place where the Salerno night life takes place, melting together past and present.


The City of Salerno during the past decades has approved the birth of many amenities, such as restaurants, bars, and clubs. Over the weekend large crowds of young people enjoy those city center locations and stay up late. However, in summer there are those who prefer the waterfront which is few meters away from the Old Town. Clubs are mainly located on the promenade.


The University of Salerno (UNISA) is mainly located in Fisciano, a small village close to Salerno. For size and usage is the third university in the southern peninsula and one of the few in Italy to have a campus structure.

The University offers plenty of facilities available to its students, such as the Centre for Guidance and Counselling, the Language Centre, several laboratories, study rooms and numerous libraries. The main library is one of the largest in Europe among those with open shelves, and the first one in Italy. The University also has facilities for leisure (sport facilities, theatre  space for recreational activities) and promotes any kind of cultural events. One of them is the Jazz Orchestra of the University of Salerno. Since 2010 Unis@und is the official web radio. In the same year University Residences were opened inside the campus – studios and small apartments available for the students – with common areas such as bar, gym, laundry rooms.

For any other information please visit the University website at this link. You can also download the Map of the Campus.

Municipality of Salerno and Map of Salerno


By Plane

The nearest airport is Naples Capodichino, which is linked to all major airports in the world. It is 50 Km from Salerno and bus connections to Salerno are available throughout the day.

For those who will land at Roma Fiumicino, you can either take the Leonardo Express train to Rome’s Termini rail station and then a train from there, or use a bus service connecting the airport directly to Salerno.

Salerno also has a small airport covering a few routes.

By Train

Salerno is very well connected by train, with fast and normal speed trains being operated by the two major Italian rail transport companies: Trenitalia and Italotreno.

By Car

Approaching from North:

Highway A1 Napoli-Salerno (exit; Vietri sul Mare / Salerno)

Highway A30 Caserta-Roma (exit: Fratte / Salerno Centro)

Approaching from South:

Highway A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria (exit: Fratte / Salerno Centro)

By Boat

Daily connections from the Salerno Harbour to Messina, Catania, Palermo, Olbia, Tunis, Malta and Valencia.

Tourist Bus

From April 2011 the City is serviced by a double-decker tourist bus. For those interested in a comfortable city tour the City Sightseeing is the perfect answer.