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UNISAMUN 2014 Conference Committees

The UNISAMUN 2014 Conference will feature the following 5 committees:

United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Food and Agriculture Organization Council (FAO Council)

European Council (EC)

Salerno Correspondent

More information is available in the respective committee’s pages.


UNISAMUN 2014 – European Council

UNISAMUN 2014 European Council Study Guide Topic A: EU-Russia summit Russia is the European Union’s largest neighbor and third biggest trading partner, with Russian supplies of oil and gas making up a large percentage of its exports to Europe. Recently, however, the EU’s relations with Russia have been the most strained since the end of …

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UNISAMUN 2014 – FAO Council

UNISAMUN 2014 FAO Council Study Guide Topic A: The importance of soils for food security Why this topic? Why do soils matter? Well, they are more important than you think… For one, they provide crops with an environment for seed germination, root growth and anchorage. In addition, they play an important role in supporting animal …

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UNISAMUN 2014 – Salerno Correspondent

The following papers will be simulated during the UNISAMUN 2014 Conference: The Herald-Sun (Australia) The New York Times (United States) People’s Daily (China) Pravda (Russian Federation) The Times (United Kingdom)  

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UNISAMUN 2014 – UN Economic and Social Council

UNISAMUN 2014 ECOSOC Study Guide Topic A: Promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women beyond 2015 The promotion of the rights of women, with a view to achieve gender equality, has risen as a heated topic already since the beginning of the century, when it was included as one of the eight Millennium Development …

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UNISAMUN 2014 – UN Security Council

UNISAMUN 2014 Security Council Study Guide Topic A: International Cooperation in case of Nuclear Threat by non-state actors The danger posed by nuclear weapons is potentially the most significant issue facing our nations and the world.  Specialized agencies estimate that roughly 40 countries now have the know-how to produce nuclear weapons. According to such predictions, …

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