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Executive Committee

Giovanni Ragone
Team Manager


Giovanni holds a Master degree with honours in Public Management at the University of Salerno. In Febrary 2012 he founded of the UNISA MUN Society and from the beginning he has been a Vice-President and he has been involved in fund-raising manager and marketing planning. The focus of his activity was the development of the area, with particular attention to the area of Salerno, through the promotion of its cultural, artistic and gastronomic aspects. In additions, he was involved in the relationships with local institutions, logistic management and the organization of conference events. He is also a cultural events responsible of AEGEE-Salerno, association recognized by the European Union which provides support for Erasmus students at the University of Salerno. This year he is also acting as Team Manager for the UNISAMUN 2014 Conference!


Cristina Tomascu
Human Resources Manager


Born in Romania and studying in Milan, Cristina has always been fascinated by cultural diversity and developed an interest in International Affairs. Internationality is also the main reason why she chose to enroll in the International Bachelor program at Bocconi University. With a strong background in 5 foreign languages, Cristina has built upon her skills through experiencing foreign local customs and traditions. Being part of the MILMUN ExCom for 2 years now has been giving her the passion and enthusiasm only MUNs environments can offer. Looking forward to UNISAMUN 2014 Conference in beautiful Salerno and all the exciting challenges the MUN world brings each time.

Aniello Manzi
Public Relations Manager

Aniello holds a Master degree  with honours in Public Management at the University of Salerno. He is also involved in the “Quindici project” from his local community, close to the city of Avellino. He is one of the founders of the UNISA MUN Society, and he is now serving as the Public Relations Manager for the UNISAMUN 2014 Conference.

Maria Fernanda Villari
International Promotion Manager

Born and raised in Salerno in a bilingual family, thanks to her Brazilian mother, Maria Fernanda obtained a bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences and International Relations at L’Orientale University of Naples. She is currently continuing her Master in Asian and African Relations and Institutions with a focus on Asian countries, in particular Japan, her great passion after Brazil. Since childhood she had the chance to travel and see different realities, developing curiosity and interest for other cultures and also for her current studies. The first MUN that she attended was UNISAMUN in the past edition in 2013 and there she realized that once you try it you can’t escape from this crazy and institutional world! In the end she was so satisfied to put into practice her studies and worked in a multiethnic environment , having fun, that she decided also to be part of the UNISAMUN 2014 ex-com. She is also going to participate to the POZIMUN and looks forward to repeating the amazing experience in her beautiful city!

Paolo Selice
Logistics and Events Manager

Paolo is attending the last year of Economic and Business Management at University of Salerno. Last experience in September 2013, with UNISAMUN, as Togo’s in ECOSOC, was very important to widen his horizons. He is always been fascinated by the idea of collaborating with colleagues from all over the world. This is the reason why he decided to take part in the UNISAMUN 2014 Conference as an ex-com member. A dynamic and contentious person, he has good ability to adapt to multicultural environments, gained through his several travels abroad. Now he is proud to be a Logistics & Events Manager, ready to take on this new challenge.

Francesco “Nino” Coppola
IT Assistant

Nino holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business at the University of Salerno. He joined the Unisamun team since June 2013, and from the beginning has been very interested in MUN. He loves his beautiful city, Salerno, and trough Unisamun 2014 hopes to show the beauty of his city to prospective delegates!

Thanks to others who contributed to the successful organization of the UNISAMUN 2014 Conference, including: Matilde Amendola, Antonio Cicalese, Marialuisa Serpico and Claudia Sibillo.