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The Secretariat is composed by the Secretary General, who manages it, and the Chairpersons of each Council. Its purpose is to take care of the academic contents, material and standards of the Conference. The Secretary General chooses the Conference Concept and selects the Chairpersons and the Editor-in-Chief, with the Human Resources Manager. Once the Team is formed, the single Topics for the Councils are debated, negotiated and finally defined. After that, the Chairpersons will be asked to draft a study guide on each topic per Council and assist the future delegates in all their needs. As the Conference approaches, the Chairpersons will define the deadline for the submission of the Position Papers, which are mandatory for all future participants to the Conference, and provide feedback on them. The Secretary General supervises this process and can intervene, if asked or deemed necessary. Last but not least, the Secretary General also coordinates with the Editor-in-Chief to ensure an outstanding media coverage simulation of the Conference.

The United Nations Security Council Chairpersons

Mr Kevin Rodgers

Kevin Rodgers is currently pursuing Bachelor degrees both in Political Science and History in his last year at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Germany. His focus lies mainly on International Affairs, Foreign and Security Policy as well as English and German History. So far he has attended several Model United Nations in Germany, the United States of America and Italy. He also took part in the 2013 UNISAMUN, representing the United Kingdom in the Security Council and didn’t hesitate returning to Salerno for this year’s UNISAMUN. This will be his third chairing experience after having chaired at a MUN in Munich, Germany and at the German Model United Nations 2014. Reporting from his own experience he can tell that Salerno is the most enchanting place for a Model UN. The atmosphere is most welcoming and you will have the opportunity not only to work with motivated colleagues but to make new friendships. Kevin himself is looking very much forward to, together with his colleague Eftychia Alexopoulou, chairing the Security Council and they both look forward to welcome you in Salerno. See you there!


Ms Eftychia Alexopoulou

Eftychia Alexopoulou is an undergraduate student at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Law. Her interest focuses primarily on International Law, which is also the main reason why she started taking part in several Model United Nations. Although she has gained much experience through a various range of local and international conferences, the writing of law reports and articles, her current internship in Amnesty International (Greek Sector) and her participation in the legal magazine’s editorial team of the European Law Student Association (ELSA) Athens, “De Jure”, her interest in MUN conferences has always been vivid. It will be her great pleasure and honour to welcome you all to the Security Council of this year’s UNISAMUN in Salerno. Together with her colleague, Kevin B. Rodgers, they will put great effort to make this conference a real rendering of the most important organ of the United Nations. Eftychia can assure that UNISAMUN 2014 will instruct you not only how to be diplomats, but will also provide you the sense of being part of the international community. She looks forward to meeting you all in Salerno!


The Economic and Social Council Chairpersons

Ms Kalliopi Zermioti

Kalliopi Zermioti (usually called Kallia) is a 21-year-old Greek, currently studying law at the Faculty of Law of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She was introduced to the MUN simulations only a year ago. However, she got instantly infected by the MUN virus and has already participated in 6 conferences, with 4 more to be attended by September. Her previous chairing experience at a MUN has only confirmed what she had already known before: her utmost interest in dealing with international law, resolving international conflicts and promoting the most fundamental human rights, which she tends to include in her future education and professional life. This experience was her motivation to organize a lot of trips around Europe and realize her special love for travelling as such. She has had, inter alia, the opportunity to visit the beautiful cities of Istanbul, Oxford and Bonn, and combine them with really interesting conversations about international issues with MUNers she met there. She has participated in NMUN (New York) and is planning to attend the MUN in Paris in the future. So, if you are as eager as her to be involved in fruitful and exciting debates about most concerning international topics, visit new, beautiful places and meet new people, mentalities and cultures, do not hesitate to take part in this year’s ECOSOC! Be sure, you will not regret this unforgettable experience!

Ms Lucy Ha

Lucy comes from an international background: born in Vietnam, raised in the Czech Republic where she attended an international high school, and now studying in London, UK. She is currently a 2nd year undergraduate student at University College London reading in History and minoring in Political Science. Coming from such a background has taught her to appreciate different cultures and traditions, which is shown by her eagerness to learn new languages. She can speak English, Vietnamese, Czech, French and is currently learning Russian. Lucy is also a freelance journalist at BBC Vietnamese World Service hub.

Last year’s Cambridge CUIMUN XIX Conference was her first ever MUN Conference. It was by far one of the most memorable and unique experiences of her university life that pushed her towards the MUN world. Lucy feels very privileged by the opportunity to chair at UNISAMUN 2014, as she believes this is going to be an amazing MUN experience and a must-attend conference for all MUN gurus.

She looks forward to meeting each and every one of you in Salerno. Best of luck with your preparations for the Conference, delegates. Please reach out to her with any questions, comments or concerns regarding the ECOSOC. Lucy is positive that your delegate experience will be challenging, stimulating, enlightening and, above all, rewarding.


The European Council Chairpersons

Mr Geert de Vries

Geert de Vries is 25 years old and graduated  in political science at Leiden University. In his last month of his studies he finally came in touch with MUNs. Realizing they were a far better and more fun way to learn than regular academics he took a gap year in order to do a lot more. UNISAMUN will be his 18th MUN, his 8th time chairing… He desires a career as a diplomat, focusing  on the Middle East, making MUNs the perfect opportunity to prepare him for his goals. This MUN enthusiast especially loves fast-paced heated moderated caucuses, pushing delegates to the limit, and clever diplomatic tactics. He expects the most from his committee, not merely in preparation and active participation in sessions, but also hopes his delegates will show the most of themselves outside of the committee room applying the “work hard, play hard” principle. He is eagerly looking forward to working with and getting to know his delegates and is highly motivated to make UNISAMUN 2014 a great and memorable experience.

Mr Ian Elly Ssali Kiggundu

Ian Elly Ssali Kiggundu is 24 years old and he is completing his Master’s degree in Jurisprudence at Roma Tre University, Faculty of Law. He was born and grown in Italy but his family has Ugandan origins. He worked as a legal consultant for a company serving lawyers and currently he is the legal representative of “Rete G2 Seconde Generazioni” an association lobbying to reform the Italian citizenship law in order to be more opened to children born or grew-up on Italian soil but have foreign origins. An association whose work has been praised primarily, amongst many others, by the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano, by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in the 4th volume of its annual report on the Italian labour market and by the European Integration Forum. During his academic studies he has participated at many conferences that has taken him around Italy and in many important cities known to be both financial and academic hubs. He has been in Singapore, Kampala, London, Maastricht, Cambridge, Oxford, Milan and Cluj-Napoca.
He is very interested in policy making and sustainable development. He also cannot help to hide his bent on music and his fondness towards his piano.
Together with Geert, he looks forward to welcoming you all this September to the European Council.


The Food and Agriculture Organization Council Chairpersons

Ms Floriane Rocrelle

Floriane Rocrelle is 22 years old and comes from Belgium (Surprise, she does not only eat waffels and chocolate!) She is currently doing a master in Translation (English-German-French) in Mons, Belgium, and plans on doing a second one in diplomacy and foreign affairs. In her free time, Floriane loves reading, traveling, skiing, watching good TV-shows and learning new languages. Five years ago, she did an exchange year in America and last year, she spent her Erasmus in Heidelberg (Germany). That is when she started doing MUNs all around Europe (BIMUN, CUIMUN, EuroMun, SOFIMUN, etc.). Floriane admits she got the hang of it and ever since has ignited within me a passion for international relations and urging matters. This UNISAMUN conference will be her first time chairing, so it is a real honor to be in charge of the FAO committee with Anna. She is sure we will have not only fruitful and serious debates in our committee but also lots of fun at the same time. She is really looking forward to sharing this great experience with you and to meeting you all in September!

Ms Anna Bratek

Anna was born in Poznań, Poland and she has been spending most of her educational life there. She is doing Master degree in European Law and is also an unenrolled student of Serbian philology (both at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań). She is currently writing her master’s thesis in International Law under the former Prime Minister of Poland. Her interests include diplomacy, learning foreign languages and wide range of sports, however her biggest passion is travelling. Anna used to live in Switzerland, Croatia and Serbia where she was working and/or studying. The next steps of her education will be an internship in Luxembourg and finishing her thesis in Belgrade. She already took part in several simulations both the International Model United Nations and the Model European Union. Anna Bratek is looking forward to UnisaMUN in September and her first chairing experience, especially because she loves Italy and its cuisine! She is absolutely sure that, together with Floriane, they will be a well-knit couple of chairs supervising an entertaining and successful debate in the FAO Council. She expects her ‘MUN-family’ to grow in September. You can call her by all international variations of her name that she got during her life abroad: Ania, Ana, Anchi, Anka, Anja etc. Use one of those or try creating a new one!


The Salerno Correspondent

Ms Giulia Maniscalco

Giulia is at the last year of la faculty in Bocconi university. She worked as marketing chief at the radio of the university ( Radio Bocconi ) and as a speaker since she was at the first year of university. She has already partecipated at unisamun in 2012 as delegate of the security council .She is working in a legal office for the currricular stage. As soon as she had the possibility to partecipate for the second time at unisamun as editor chief she said yes because she knows that it will be a fantastic experience.

Secretary General

Mr Norbert Czerniak

Norbert Czerniak is a Polish law student, enrolled at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, where he is currently writing his master’s thesis in Human Rights under the UN CESCR Chairperson.  While organizing the Poznań International Model United Nations (POZiMUN) at his home university, he caught the MUN-virus and started diving deeper and deeper into the world of fierce debates, crazy social events and last but not least – amazing people. Norbert belongs to those who have seen MUN from a few different perspectives, including delegate, chairperson and conference manager. However, UNISAMUN will probably be his biggest challenge as the role of Secretary-General is connected with special responsibility. Norbert can assure you that deciding to attend UNISAMUN 2014, you agree on being  faced with many controversial issues in international affairs, to be decided upon under time pressure, often as a result of a comprise. At the same time you will be supported by inspiring chairpersons that will help you find a good way of expressing your ideas as well as the Executive Committee that will make sure you do not forget MUN is not only about formal debating, but also about having fun in an unique, international atmosphere.