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Conference concept

Rethinking Global Leadership: thinking ahead in a fast changing world.


This year the world community celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations. Founded directly after the Second World War the leaders of the world gathered to create a forum to negotiate and listen to each other with the aim of a more peaceful world. As the charter of the United Nations points out in the first chapter, its purposes are maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and achieving international cooperation. And as the world increasingly seems to be thrown out of joint the need for cooperation is greater than ever before.
As the level of Globalization increases there is also an increase of conflicts which not only affect one part of the world but the entire world community. The actions and lifestyle of people in one part affect the actions and lifestyle of people in other parts of this planet. This may have been the case for some time now. But there is still a lack of awareness among the world Leaders of today. Politics and policies need to adapt themselves to a world which is more complex than ever and is changing at a pace never seen before.
This means that international cooperation needs strong Leaders with a vision to shape the world to the better. Cooperation needs guidance from people which live and support the values that the UN foster and defend since seven decades. It also means that there is a vast task in front of the Leaders of tomorrow. Good Leadership today does not only mean the implementation of national interests, but also means the ability to foresee the effects one’s own actions bring with them. Tomorrow’s Leaders need to amend their national perspectives with a global perspective suitable for an interconnected and fast changing world.
This is the spirit and the premise of this year’s edition of UnisaMUN. To gather the young Leaders of a generation, which will be in charge soon and which are expected to do better than the last one. Young people which are willing to rethink global Leadership and think ahead rather than back. With this expectation comes the certainty that these young people will change the world to the better and UnisaMUN will be the forum which proves this certitude.

Kevin B. Rodgers – UnisaMUN 2016 Secretary-General