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Executive Committee

 giovanni_ragone Mr Giovanni Ragone

Team Manager


Giovanni holds a Masters degree with honors in Public Management at the University of Salerno. One of the founders of the UNISA MUN Society in February 2012, since the beginning he has served as Vice-President and he was recently elected as President. The focus of his activity was the development of the area, with a focus to the area of Salerno, through the promotion of its cultural, artistic and gastronomic aspects. In addition, he has been involved in institutional relations, fundraising and logistics. He is also the Vice-President of AEGEE-Salerno, an association providing support to Erasmus students at the University of Salerno. A lover of history, inspired by the statesman Luigi Einaudi and the President Theodore Roosevelt. “Speak softly and carry a big stick, you will go far!”.

 aniello_manzi Mr Aniello Manzi

Communications Manager


Aniello holds a Masters degree with honours in Public Management at the University of Salerno. He is also involved in the “Quindici project” from his local community, close to the city of Avellino. He is one of the founders of the UNISA MUN Society, and now serving as Communications Manager for UNISAMUN 2016, dealing with institutional patronages, meetings minutes and newsletters.

Johanna Ms Leslie Johanna Marin Palacio

Public Relations & Events Manager

Leslie Johanna (aka Giovanna) is a Colombian girl based in Italy and currently enrolled in the third year of the faculty of Economics and Management at University of Salerno. She took part in several multicultural activities in France and Germany. Her interest in cultures and languages led her to be part of UnisaMUN Society, indeed she thinks that it is an amazing opportunity to get know many different cultures and make one of the most challenging and exciting experience of her life.

marianna Ms Marianna de Giacomo

Fundraising & Marketing Manager

Marianna de Giacomo is an undergraduate student at University of Salerno, Faculty of Law. Thanks to her interest in human rights and International Law, she started to taking part in several Model United Nations collecting many success as: Best delegated at UNISAMUN 2013 and Honorable mention at

NMUN 2013. She also worked with different international associations as “ELSA”, “UnisaMUN” and “Giovani Campani nel mondo”. In 2014 Marianna won a scholarship to study European constitutional law at the Exeter University, where she deepened the issue of the relationship between lack of democracy and the Eurozone crisis.
Alexis Mr Alexis Dupard

HR Manager


Alexis is currently working for the regional office of his region in the North of France, as a project manager on topics related to citizenship, youth empowerment and civil society initiatives. His interest for international relations goes back to his travels and experiences has an exchange student in a Japanese university. He has joined the MUN circle in 2014, by attending conferences in Hungary and Italy. His interests and passions have led him to meet a wide range of people and cultures, always welcoming the foreign and diverse

EC Ms Elena Crocelle

HR Assistant & Social Media Manager


Born in Naples, Elena is currently enrolled in the third year of the Faculty of Economics and Management at Università degli Studi di Salerno. She has been interested in political affairs since high school, being the Vice-president of ‘Consulta provinciale degli studenti di Napoli’. She joined the MUN world in 2014, attending several conferences in Italy and Germany. Keen on traveling and passionate of non-formal education, she has also represented Italy in some training courses in Europe. Active in working with young people in local NGOs, she really loves her work because international experience makes her believe that she will be capable of whatever she want to achieve in her life!

francesca manganiello Ms Francesca Manganiello

International Promotion Manager

Francesca Manganiello is an Italian student enrolled in the graduate program of Business Consulting and Management at the University of Salerno. During the last two years she took part in the UNISAMUN 2014 and the FAO Model 2015 conferences. They have been great experiences and influenced in a positive way both her course of study and her approach to daily life. Therefore, she advises all students to come and join our team in Salerno!