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During the five days of the Conference, UNISAMUN News will furnish delegates and chairs with the close up details on what’s going on inside the Committees. Six journalists will be present all day long inside the Committees, they will closely follow the debate inside the ECOSOC, CEU, UNHCR and UNSC and will inform the participants about resolutions, negotiations, strategies and more.

The UNISAMUN News will contain articles written by journalists representing six of the most influential newspapers worldwide:

  • The New York Times, USA
  • People’s Daily, China
  • Al Jazeera, Qatar
  • The Economist, United Kingdom
  • Le Monde Diplomatique, France
  • Jeune Afrique, Tunisia

Journalists will write objective articles, summarizing the outcomes of the discussions. However, journalists will try to be coherent with the point of view of the country whose newspaper they are representing. The aim is to have different perspectives on the same topic, to better show how countries’ policies differ and how different states approach the problem of finding an agreement. We will try to make the press team as influential as possible, as it is in real life.

The idea is to publish an issue a day. However, in order to allow a greater, faster and easier circulation of information, our staff will use an online version of the newspaper, as well as a Facebook and Twitter account, to be updated several times during the day and accessible to all participants.

Our Newspaper will also include a “fun” section, with UNISAMUN-related pictures, gossip, interviews, games and more, to build up an even stronger team spirit among all participants. And, of course, there will be a whole section dedicated to the Social Events.

Our wish is that the UNISAMUN News will be something that each delegate and chair will want to keep, a portrait of the hard work carried out, as well as of the lifelong friendships built and of the memories of these fantastic five days.

Unisamun News 1st

Unisamun News 2nd

Unisamun News 3rd

Unisamun News 4th

Unisamun News 5th