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2013 UNISAMUN Secretariat


The Secretariat is composed by the Secretary General, who manages it, and the Chairpersons of each Council. Its purpose is to take care of the academic contents, material and standards of the Conference. The Secretary General chooses the Conference Concept and selects the Chairpersons and the Editor-in-Chief, with the Human Resources Manager. Once the Team is formed, the single Topics for the Councils are debated, negotiated and finally defined. After that, the Chairpersons will be asked to draft a study guide on each topic per Council and assist the future delegates in all their needs. As the Conference approaches, the Chairpersons will define the deadline for the submission of the Position Papers, which are mandatory for all future participants to the Conference, and provide feedback on them. The Secretary General supervises this process and can intervene, if asked or deemed necessary. Last but not least, the Secretary General also coordinates with the Editor-in-Chief to ensure an outstanding media coverage simulation of the Conference.

The Human Rights Council Chairpersons

Ms Mihaela Cerbari

Originally from the Republic of Moldova, Mihaela adopted an international mentality at the age of 4 when she moved to Bulgaria and studied at the Russian Federation Embassy school there. An Alumna of the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Romania where she served as the Assistant to the Dean of International Economic Relations, Mihaela has engaged in internships at the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bucharest. Currently she works as a Consultant for the Moldovan government in the Department of Public Property Administration and Privatization, whilst enrolled in a Masters course with a focus on International Law at the University of European Studies of Moldova. Having a strong Model United Nations Chairing and Delegate background, Mihaela participated in MIMUN 2011 as a “Best Delegate”.

Mr Andrea Fatale

Born and raised in Rome, the eternal city, Andrea graduated in International Relations last year and is currently working for the European Association of International Studies; he attended his first MUN in New York and completely fell in love with it. Back in Europe continued to attend MUNs in fact considers himself addicted to them. Andrea is also a lecturer for the Young Ambassador Society and a delegate for the youth G8 and G20. So honourable delegates take a chance to learn about diplomatic negotiation and realize why countries behave like they behave.

Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Andrea Fatale: “Work hard and party even harder!”


The Economic and Social Council Chairpersons

Ms Наталья Кучеренко
(Natalia Kucherenko)

Natalia Kucherenko is a twenty-two-year-old graduate in External Economic Activity at Ural State University of Economics, Yekaterinburg, Russia. Natalia was enrolled in the Erasmus Exchange Programme which gave her an opportunity to study at Università di Roma La Sapienza, facoltà Economia. So she speaks Roman Italian a little bit and is very proud of this.

Natalia has several publications and research works on her major External Economic Activity.

Natalia has also taken part at models of International Organizations, such as UN, Council of Europe and IMF. She has some experience of Models in different countries. Her latest role was Israel at the Security Council of the Roman Model of UN. With the agenda Clarification of the Jerusalem status, as a delegate of Israel, Natalia has never experienced such a caring treatment of other delegates.

Natalia performed as a Chairperson of the Board of Governors of the IMF Model in Yekaterinburg, Russia. She has also taken part at the Stockholm Model of UN at the ECOSOC committee. This has given her a clear impression about the effective role of ECOSOC and the contribution to the world development which can be achieved through co-ordinated and effective work of this committee.

As a Chairperson of ECOSOC, Natalia is looking forward to cooperation, sharing outstanding ideas, elaborating profound and interesting proposals, but also friendly atmosphere and having an unforgettable time during UNISAMUN.

Ms Ioana Patrichi

Ioana is a 23-year-old, full-degree student at Syddansk Universitet in Odense, Denmark. Having obtained her Bachelor degree in International Relations and European Studies in Iași, Romania in 2009, she decided to enrich her education with an international experience abroad. Now in her second year of the Master in International Security and Law, Ioana wishes for a future career in her field of study, reason for which she also got involved in MUN simulations. Gaining experience in weekly debates at her university’s own MUN organization, she also took part in international conferences in Belgrade and Milan this year, following in December to be part of the Danish delegation to Hamburg. “I truly appreciate the fact that students choose to get involved in diplomatic debates, use their talent and skills in order to reach peaceful agreements. It is a bit demanding, but at the same time self-enriching and fun, facts that make every MUN experience a truly unique one. I am really looking forward to this year’s Salerno conference and most of all to meeting the honorable delegates of the Economic and Social Committee!”


The International Court of Justice Chairpersons

 Photo RH
Ms Rahma Halila

Rahma Halila hails from Tunisia. She is 24 years old and has just completed a memoir in architecture on architectural solutions to the problem of trust between citizens and the police in post-revolutionary Tunisia. She is currently a trainee architect as a requirement for the Six-year track specialty at the National School of Architecture and Urban Planning. She is interested in intercultural education, environmental issues, archaeology and photography. She has been active with civil society associations for the past eight years. She is a volunteer and counsellor with AFS Intercultural Programs in Tunisia and Handicap International. Her experiences and background has taught her the importance of intercultural learning, dialogue, and global political awareness. She has become a staunch advocate of intercultural dialogue; hence her interest in MUNs. Her first MUN was “MUIMUN” in 2012 in Munster, Germany, as a delegate in the Committee for Social Development.

Mr José Antonio Villena

Ecuadorian, José Antonio Villena is a PhD Candidate in Constitutional and International Law at the University of Salamanca. After receiving his M.A. in Government and Public Administration, he became a Director in the Areas of Constitutional Law and Electoral and Constitutional Reform processes in Ecuador. Following the aforementioned experiences, he worked as an external Adviser to the Trade-Commerce Agreement between the European Union and South American Countries. In the MUN field, Pepe has been a Secretary General for NAPOMUN (Cluj Napoca, Romania) and MUNUSAL (Salamanca,Spain). His current Project concerns the creation of a South American Community of Nations via his position as an Advisor in “The Climate Project “ (Al Gore’s Nobel Prize-winning Project on Climate Change).


The Security Council Chairpersons

Ms Anita Nappo

Anita was born and raised in Naples, the “city of sun”, in Southern Italy. There she is attending her Master of Arts in International Studies and Diplomacy, with a focus on Middle Eastern countries. Her love for the Arab world will head her in the future toward Jordan, where she is going to improve her knowledge of this wonderful culture and practice the language, but first she is going to live the most amazing experience in the life of a student, by doing her Erasmus at the University of Cardiff. Anita’s friends are getting used to the idea that she is rarely at home and is travelling somewhere over Europe and beyond its borders. Some of her MUN companions have heard her sentencing “I am quitting, I am too old for the MUN world!”, nonetheless she has never fully persuaded them she was serious, in fact her forthcoming participation at MOSTIMUN has not surprised them. Anita’s passion for MUNs has been getting “viral” since her first time as a delegate in 2010 in Rome, and year by year, she just can’t get enough participating in MUNs! Once a MUNer, always a MUNer and this time she will face the experience from a different angle, from the chair prospective, thrilled to chair her favourite committee: the Security Council.

“Logic will get you from A to B; imagination will take you everywhere” – Albert Einstein

Mr Fabrizio Longarzo

Born and grown in Naples, Fabrizio is in the final year of his master in International Studies. After several years of studies he developed a wide understanding of international systems’ dynamics. By now he has decided to focus his efforts on conflict management and security studies, following the idea that stability into a chaotic system is still in the hand of the strongest actor. Last year he had the great occasion to live for three months as a young Italian diplomat thanks to the MAE Crui project. He spend, as junior assistant in the Permanent Mission of Italy to the International Organization in Vienna, this time attending high profile conference and meeting into the International Atomic Energy Agency facing for the first time how real diplomacy works. As far as we know he spent the last six months in Cardiff as an Erasmus student, improving his social and “diplomatic skills”.

Talking about Model United Nations, Fabrizio could be considered as a veteran. He attended ten conference as delegate so far ( Romun 2010 and 2011, Munist, Bimun, Mostimun, Sofimun, Vimun, Uclmun, Milmun, Berlinmun) with several awards and always as leading country into the negotiation. In April 2013 he also completed his first chairing experience in Mostar as chair of the DISEC. Now he looks ready to bring, together with the rest of the secretariat and all the delegates, UNISAMUN to the next level.

“We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow.” (Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston).


The Salerno Correspondent

Ms Kalina Drenska

YOU SHALL NOT PASS… without reading my introduction!

Sorry for the LOTR fanatics, I am not one of you: I just used to be addicted to 9gag – that is why some random jokes and memorable quotations accidentally emerge in my mind from time to time. This will be my fifth MUN (and second as member of the Secretariat) and I can assure you that once you try it, it will become an addiction. In conclusion, talking about addictions, I should mention good journalism, literature, politics, hard-core, punk, oi and ska music, violent mosh pit concerts and Trainspotting. If you by any chance know what I mean with the last three categories and in addition you also enjoy the first three I mentioned – you are more than welcome to come and meet me in person in Salerno.

Ms Monica Merola

Monica Merola was born in 1990. After obtaining her high school diploma in classic studies, chose to continue her university career studying Political Science and International Relation at La Sapienza, Rome, with a thesis on the murdered Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaja.

Journalist since January 2012 and student at the School of Journalism at the Basso Foundation, Monica is fond of classical music and cinema; she has attended NMUN in New York and ROMUN in Rome.

Mr Riccardo Mazzucchelli
Secretary General

Riccardo Mazzucchelli is a twenty-nine-year-old graduate in management of public administrations and international institutions at Bocconi University, Milan. He has recently completed his master’s degree in European studies at LUISS School of Government, Rome and is currently enrolled in a master’s programme in Euro-Mediterranean relations at Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, where he is finalising his studies on the Mediterranean area to then move to Saint Joseph University in Beirut for his second year of this second master’s degree. He has had several MUN experiences in different countries, the latest as Chair of the United Nations Security Council at the 7th edition of MILMUN, in Milan and Chair of the United Nations Security Council at the first edition of UNISAMUN. He has just completed his first year of his current master’s programme and also started an internship for the International Plant Protection (IPPC) Secretariat at FAO, in Rome.

He is very excited to be the Secretary General of this second edition of UNISAMUN, since part of his family is from Salerno. He feels a strong bond with the City, even though he had few chances of visiting. He is looking forward to an amazing edition to confirm last year’s success and welcoming all the participants for this new, amazing experience.

Meet the 2013 UNISAMUN Secretariat

It is with utmost pleasure and pride that I, as Secretary General of UNISAMUN 2013, can introduce my Secretariat: United Nations Economic and Social Council Ms Наталья Кучеренко (Natalia Kucherenko) and Ms  Ioana Patrichi United Nations Human Rights Council Ms Mihaela Cerbari and Mr Andrea Fatale United Nations Security Council Ms Anita Nappo and Mr Fabrizio …

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