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Fees and Terms

Single Conference Fee:

  • With Accommodation at Salerno International Hostel: 140 € (breakfast included)

  • Without Accommodation at Salerno International Hostel: 70

Delegation Conference Fee (min. 5 participants):

    • With Accommodation at Salerno International Hostel: 130 € each (breakfast included)



Bank Transfer details:

CRA  Bcc di Fisciano S. COOP.
Corso San Giovanni,32
84080 Lancusi di Fisciano (SA)

IBAN: IT30X0808376210000000106978


The Conference Fee includes:
  • Participation in the conference and a welcome package
  • Daily travel from the Hotel / Hostel to the university of Salerno
  • 5 Lunches (one each day of the Conference)
  • Ten Coffee breaks (two each day of the Conference)
  • Participation to two social events  during the week (Italian Dinner and Farewell Aperitivo)
  • Free city tour
  • Certificate of participation if there is at least 80% attendance and no objections by the chairs.


Conference fee is not refundable.
Transaction costs MUST be sustained by the applicant.
If otherwise, you will be asked to refund the Association for these costs on your arrival.



The registration to UNISAMUN 2013 by the designed form includes the acknowledgement and agreement to the following rules:

  • Continuous and productive collaboration with the UNISAMUN staff previously and during the conference, in particular the respect of all the terms set by UNISAMUN to perfect the application and all operations relatively to the conference;
  • To abide the UNISAMUN 2013 programme which will be made known by UNISAMUN in the official site of the initiative;
  • To participate constructively and actively to the activities of the conference, including those regarding previous preparation with the chairpersons;
  • To respect the current Italian law regarding visa and immigration issues;
  • To respect the rules regarding the UNISAMUN 2013 Conference in its complex, consisting in the respect of all those rules that will be set by UNISAMUN before and during the conference, regarding procedural and substantial features of the initiative such as dress code and alcohol banning;
  • To respect the evaluation, and its consequences, that Chairpersons and the Secretary-General will do in case of prolonged absence from the conference;
  • To respect all the measures that the UNISA MUN Society will take for all those participants who will prolongedly be absent from the conference;
  • Fees are not refundable;
  • To agree to the use of personal data for all those operations which will be fundamental for the correct ruling of UNISAMUN 2013;
  • To agree to the use of the following personal data with other no-profit organizations in accordance to internal agreements between MUNs:
        1. Name
        2. Email address
        3. Location (Country and Council)
        4. Rating given to the delegates by their chairs;
  • To send, in case of disagreement to the last point, an email to hr@unisamun.org in which will be explicitly stated to refuse to personal data usage.